VP Properties Office Building With Warehouse

Project Description

This building is designed to have GF+2 floor levels in the office area (GBA 2 x 1.150m2 ) and GF level in the warehouse area (GBA 3.590m2). The structure is made of prestressed RC concrete prefabricated elements. The structure is a two-bay hall with spans of 2×24.76m with a total length of 68.50m. The building has the following office and warehouse space: Ground floor(GF)- commercial, warehouse, and technical facilities space

1st floor- commercial office and warehouse space
2nd floor- warehouse and technical facilities space

Total GBA 5.890m2

Project Details

Construction period:

2009 – 2012.


VP Properties” d.o.o., Belgrade Serbia


Batajnički put bb 11080 Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia


Preliminary and Detail Architectural and Structural Design, Author Supervision

Project value: 

3.000.000 €


Arh. Petar V. Đurašković  VMS d.o.o. Belgrade