Archeological site of Lepenski Vir, Serbia

Project Description

Protective steel construction is designed in the manner that all columns and other constructive elements which could imperil archeological site are simply avoided by big main steel trusses with spans larger then archaeological site is. All paths, ramps and stairways will be mostly constructed on the route of the existing ones. Adopted construction system allows building of supports independently regarding the existing condition, keeping the field untouched. Assembly of steel construction is made in accordance with organization and sequence which enable full security of the site. Also, existing temporary protective wooden structure and roofing can stay in function until the new construction is completely installed. Total area is approx. 3.000m2

Project Details

Construction period:

2008 – 2011.


Ministry of Economics and Regional Development / Institute for the protection of cultural monuments of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade / Tourist organization of Majdanpek Municipality 


Lepenski Vir, Serbia


Preliminary Structural Design Detailed Structural Design / Author supervision

Project value: 

2.400.000 €

Responsible designer:

Marija Jovin, arch / Siniša Temerinski, arch