Goša FOM

Project Description

The Forsthaus Energy Center converts waste, regional wood, and natural gas into electricity, steam, and district heating as a highly efficient system. To a significant extent, it uses renewable sources and uses them for the production of local energy: about one-third of the electricity demand in Stadtberner and 12% of the heat demand. The Building is a complex structure done as
a monolith concrete structure combined with precast concrete and steel structure. The building’s dimensions are:
length / width / height = 300m / 70m / 47m
The main tasks were:
• Detailed design of the concrete structure
• Check structural analysis and calculations
GBA is more than 20.000 m2

Project Details

Construction period:

December 2009 – September 2010


Walt + Galmarini AG Zurich, Switzerland


Bern, Switzerland


Detail Structural Design of Concrete Structure

Project value: 

300.000.000 CHF


Graber Pulver Architekten Ag, Bern