Goša FOM

Project Description

This business complex is the first Greenfield investment that KNAUF made in the Balkan region. The manufacturing part of this complex consists of the facility for sand preparation and mixing, placed in a tower with overall dimensions of 15.0 x 23.0 m and 42.0 m high. The structure was designed as a steel frame. The manufacturing process is organized in 9-floor levels on a 3.000 m2 net area. The capacity of this facility is 120.000 tons per year. Next to the tower, there is a warehouse designed also as a steel frame structure. It is 9.0 m high with overall dimensions 31.0 x 68.5 m. The total area of ware warehouse is 2.100m2. The third part of this complex is an administrative building designed as an RC structure with one underground level and three levels above ground with overall dimensions of 11.0 x 28.0 m. The total area of the administrative building is 1.200 m2. The total area of all buildings is 6.300 m2

Project Details

Construction period:



KNAUF Zemun d.o.o. Belgrade, Serbia


Batajnički put 16b 11080 Zemun, Belgrade, Serbia


Preliminary and Detail Structural Design / Author Supervision

Project value: 

15.000.000 €