Banja Luka Football Stadium

Project Description

Design has been done according to UEFA standards and procedures. Stadium is classified in the ELITE category. It is rectangularly shaped and consists of football field, stands, and four commercial towers placed on the corners of the stadium with 9 levels each. Stands and towers are mainly made of concrete and the roof is made of steel. Stands are completely covered. The main roof trusses are triagonaly shaped space trusses, with spans of 136 m and 102 meters from tower to tower.
The total area without a football field is approx. 70.000 m2.

Project Details

Construction period:



City of Banjaluka


Banjaluka, R. Srpska, BiH, Europe


International invitation competition for Preliminary design of a football stadium for 30.000 spectators with all necessary facilities and urban planning of stadium location

Project value: 

70.000.000 €


Petar Đurašković d.i.a. Milutin Perišić d.i.g.