Delta Engineering Company Head Office

Project Description

This office building was designed as multi-story (Underground Garage+ Ground floor+ First floor+ Set back second floor)
The adopted structure system is RC slabs with perimeter beams on columns and cores. The building’s footprint dimensions are 27×32 m. The main spans are 7.8m and 7.0 m, storey height is 3.8 m.
The main tasks were:
> Detail Structural Design of concrete structure
> Structural analysis and calculations
> Check of all calculations, drawings with formwork and reinforcement details, specifications and BoQ
> Author Supervision GBA: 2.500 m2

Project Details

Construction period:

2011 -2012.


Delta Engineering, 13 Pariska, Belgrade, Serbia


Milutina Milankovića 7g, New Belgrade Serbia


Preliminary Structural Design, Detail Structural Design, Author Supervision

Project value: 

3.000.000 €


Miodrag Trpkovic, d.i.a
Marija Lukic, d.i.a.