Internet of Things and Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring is a process aimed at providing accurate, in time and actionable information concerning structural health conditions and performance by implementing sensors and short term or long term monitoring

Distributor and Partner

VMS Belgrade became a distributor and partner in Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro of the companies Smartec and Roctest, leaders in instrumentation and monitoring of the condition of structures (MSK). Many infrastructural facilities, such as bridges and tunnels in Serbia, the region and the world, were built many decades ago, so it is necessary for safety and security to maintain them properly and to continuously monitor and control their condition and quality. MSK solutions can significantly increase the lifespan of infrastructure facilities in a controlled manner, with small investments. The solutions can provide real-time insight into the state of the structure simply and safely and send a warning alarm that a problem has appeared or that the structure has begun to degrade. All this represents cost savings and provides a way for proper maintenance of the infrastructure as well as the possibility of extending its life, thus postponing large investments in the reconstruction of the existing or the construction of new infrastructure.

Why Structural Heath Monitoring

Short-term or long-term measurements, load tests or continuous assessment ensure the structural stability of bridges, tunnels, water pipes or buildings

Continuous assessment of structural behavior can significantly reduce maintenance and repair costs by acting before an adverse event/failure and not after it occurs, also shortening intervention time

can extend the life of the structure beyond the designed and can accurately assess the degree of damage and reduce the risk of using the structure

A very useful tool for confirming the application of sophisticated construction methods and the use of new materials, enabling the confirmation of hypotheses of innovative ways of designing, in order to improve the project process and technical regulations.

Structural Health Monitoring

– Extending the life of infrastructure
– Reducing exploitation costs
– Increasing safety

– Efficient operation and maintenance
– Preventive maintenance
– Early warnings – Lower costs

– Checking of parameters through construction phases
– Less risk during construction

– Easier risk assessment

Monitoring of Construction Equipment and Vehicles

– Fuel consumption, opening the fuel tank
– Identification of the driver, el. Travel order, workforce monitoring
– Changing the route of vehicle movement, creating zones, virtual radar

– Engine temperature, battery voltage…
– Machine usage monitoring, air conditioning

can extend the life of the structure beyond the designed and can accurately assess the degree of damage and reduce the risk of using the structure

– Detection of the direction of rotation

*Other customizations as requested by VMS IoT partners.

IoT for Construction Site Monitoring

  • Management of a fleet of construction vehicles and equipment
  • Monitoring of the construction condition
  • Building Management System (BMS)
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Safety and health on the construction site/in the infrastructure
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Our IoT partners
  • Surveillance cameras, intruder detection, workforce monitoring
  • Sensors for temperature, humidity, noise, vibration, health and safety risk
  • GPS for vehicles, tools, machinery
  • Control of improper use of machines, air conditioning, fuel level control
  • Concrete truck mixers – silo rotation monitoring
  • Monitoring for signs of landslides can provide early warnings of potential damage
  • Use of drones – the easiest way to monitor progress and measure the amount of work performed on the construction site

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