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VMS at Roads Congress in Serbia

Milena Matić, our Head of ICT & Marketing, presented at the Serbian Road Congress in Belgrade, held on June 15th, 2018 the paper“ FIBER OPTIC SENSOR APPLICATIONS FOR STRUCTURAL HEALTH MONITORING”.
The paper was jointly prepared by :
• Milena Matić, VMS doo Belgrade,
• Daniele Inaudi, Smartec SA – Switzerland,
• Branko Milosavljević, Faculty of Civil Engineering, University of Belgrade,
• Radomir Radičević, Mostprojekt doo Belgrade, r.radicevic@mostprojekt.rs
• Nikola Matić, VMS doo Belgrade, nma@vms.rs

You can find the presentation shortly outlining the most important highlights on the link xx

Here is the Paper Abstract:
The monitoring of civil and geotechnical structures requires a variety of different measurement tasks that require different types of sensing systems. Fiber optic sensors can be used in a variety of applications and many sensor types exist. When measuring strain and deformations, among the most important structural performance indicators, different approaches are possible: point, long-gauge and distributed. This contribution discusses the types of applications that benefit more from each type of sensor and provides application examples from real-life projects.
This paper has presented and explained what are the benefits of Structural Health Monitoring of aged infrastructure. Implementation of sensors for Structural Health Monitoring in 2 relevant projects on Bridge infrastructures was explained and measurement results were presented.
The necessity of proper asset management strategy in Serbia was elaborated, together with benefits and arguments for Asset Management Strategy.