Office and Residential Building

Project Description

The building was designed with one underground level (basement parking, ground floor and four floors above.
The building is made of reinforced concrete cast
in situ.
The overall dimensions of the building are 14.5 x 15.5 m.
The main spans are 4.6m and 6.5m.
The floor height is 3.06m.
The structural system consists of reinforced concrete sheer walls inside the building with perimeter RC columns and beams.
GBA: 1.400 m2

Project Details

Construction period:

2010 -2012.


CITY PROPERTIES d.o.o. Omladinskih brigada 86, Belgrade, SERBIA


Krunska 87, Belgrade, Serbia


Preliminary and Detail Structural Design, Author Supervision

Project value: 

1.800.000 €


Goran Vojvodić, arch