Motorway Novi Sad - Belgrade

Project Description

The objective of the services provided by our company as a Sub-Consultant on this project is to assist the engineer who shall carry out the duties assigned to him in the contract, and provide staff, including suitably qualified engineers and other professionals who are competent to carry out any and/or all of these duties following responsibilities and/or authorities that may be delegated by the engineer. The works to be supervised by our company comprise of upgrading the M-22 (E-75), highway between Novi Sad and Belgrade to motorway standards by the rehabilitation, repairs, and remedial works to the existing carriageway and existing Beska Bridge, provision of a new second carriageway as well as associated slip and service roads, grade-separated interchanges, parking areas, etc., the provision of toll plazas and facilities and the construction, under a design and build contract, of a new Beska Bridge.

Project Details

Construction period:

2004 – 2013.


European Investment Bank & Government of Serbia


Belgrade-N. Sad, Serbia


Design Check Supervision of the works,  Programme Control, Project management

Project value: 

265.000.000 €


Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co. Ltd. England, WSP Sweden