European Business Center

Project Description

Our company and iC Consulenten signed a Contract for supervision services which were to be provided by our company during the construction of a business building in N. Belgrade approx. 16.000 m2. By this Contract, our company has been established as a sub-contractor to iC Consulenten, a lead Supervisor on this project. According to this agreement, we provided experienced staff on the site to carry out the supervision of construction, electric, telecommunication, LAN, and HVAC works. Also, members of our staff provided consulting services delegated to them by the iC Consulenten.
Value of the Contract: 18.650.000 EUR

Project Details

Construction period:

2005- 2006.


Meshulam Levinstein + Raiffeisen Evolution


Belgrade, Serbia


Project management Design check Supervision of the works Monitoring

Project value: 

18.650.000 €


Rami Wimmer, arch.

Consulting engineer:

iC Consulenten + VMS