Nelt Co Business Complex Warehouses

Project Description

Two warehouses (No. 3 and 4) and technical block were designed as part of Nelt business complex in Dobanovci near Belgrade, Serbia. Warehouses were designed as single storey three-bay building swith spans 3.0×22.0 m, 126.0 and 150.0 meters long, 12.0m high, with structure made of prestressed RC concrete prefabricated elements. Technical block was designed as two-bay steel structure with dimensions 62x30m. It consists of warehouse, service for vehicles and office section with gallery on +3.5m level. Total height of the building is 9.0m.
Total building area: 20.000m2

Project Details

Construction period:

2008 – 2011.


NELT Co Ltd. Dobanovci, Serbia


Marsala Tita 206, Dobanovci, Serbia


Preliminary Structural Design, Detailed Structural Design, Author supervision Consulting services to the Client on procurement

Project value: 

10.000.000 €


Goran Vojvodic, arch