Internet of Things & Structural Health Monitoring

Structural Health Monitoring is a process aimed at providing accurate, in time and actionable information concerning structural health conditions and performance by implementing sensors and short term or long term monitoring

Distributor and partner

Our Company VMS Belgrade has become the distributor and partner for Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro of companies Smartec and Roctest, leaders in Instrumentation and Structural Health Monitoring.

Many Infrastructure facilities like bridges and tunnels in Serbia, in the region and also worldwide have been built many decades ago, and it is necessary, due to security and safety, that they are maintained in a proper way, as well as that construction health and quality are continually monitored and controlled.

Our SHM solutions can, in controlled way, with small investments, significantly increase infrastructure lifetime. By implementing data acquisition from the infrastructure, solutions can in simple and secure way provide real time insight into the status of the structure, as well as send an alarm warning that a problem occurred or degradation started and thus enabling data driven decisions. This is cost saving and secure way for proper infrastructure care, and possibility to extend infrastructure lifetime and postpone huge investment in reconstruction or building of the new infrastructure instead.

Projects and Applications: Bridges, Tunnels, Dams, Buldings Sensors for SHM

Internet of Things in Construction Industry

– Construction Site Monitoring

– Fleet Management of Construction Equipment

– Structural Health Monitoring

– Building Management System

– Energy Efficiency in Buildings

– Health and Safety on building site / or infrastructure

– Preventive Maintenance

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Why Structural Heath Monitoring

– Improve Safety

Short-term or long-term measurements, load tests or continuous monitoring assessment can ensure the structural integrity of bridges, tunnels, water pipes or buildings.

– Optimize Maintenance

Continuous assessment of the structure’s behavior can substantially reduce maintenance and repair costs by acting predictively rather than reactively, as well as reduce intervention time

– Increase Lifetime – Supervised Lifetime Extension

May extend structures lifetime over their design life as well as accurately evaluate damage after structural faults maximizing the owner’s gain and reducing the risk of operation.

– Validate Innovative Designs

Very useful tool to validate the performance of sophisticated construction methods and the usage of new materials, enables the verification of innovative design hypotheses in order to improve design process and technical regulations.

Structural Heath Monitoring

Infrastructure Owners:

– Extend life of Infrastructure
– Decrease cost of Operation
– Increase Safety

Operators of Infrastructure:

– Efficient O&M
– Preventive Maintenance
– Early warning – lower cost

Designers & Contractors:

– Verification of parameters through construction phases
– Lower Risk During Construction

Insurance Companies:

– Easier Risk assessment

IoT for Construction Site Monitoring

– Camera surveillance, intruder detection, Workforce surveillance

– Sensors for temperature, humidity, noise , vibration, health & safety risk

– GPS for vehicles, tools, machinery

– Control of idle use of machinery, air-conditioning, fuel level control

– Concrete truck – monitoring of silo rotation

– Monitoring the ground for signs of landspp can provide early warnings of potential damage

– Use of aerial drones -best way to track progress and conduct site surveys

Monitoring of Construction Equipment and Vehicles

Thefts and inappropriate usage prevented :

– Fuel consumption, opening of fuel reservoir
– Driver ID, el. Travel order, workforce monitoring
– Change of travel route, creation of zones, virtual radar

Monitor Cost , Tear & Wear of vehicles:

– Engine temperature, accumulator voltage…
– Monitoring of idle use of machinery, air-conditioning

Concrete truck:

– Detection of rotation direction

Other customizations per request

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