VP PROPERTIES Poslovna zgrada sa skladištem, Zemun, Srbija

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2009-2012 „VP Properties” d.o.o. , Belgrade, SERBIA Batajnički put bb 11080 Zemun, Belgrade Serbia Preliminary and Detail Architectural and Structural Design Author Supervision Arh. Petar V. Đurašković VMS d.o.o. Belgrade
This building is designed to have GF+2 floor levels in office area (GBA 2 x 1.150m2 ) and GF level in warehouse area (GBA 3.590m2). Structure is made of prestressed RC concrete prefabricated elements. Structure is two-bay hall with spans 2×24.76 m with total length of 68.50 m. Building has following office and warehouse space: Groundfloor(GF)- commercial, warehouse and technical facilities space Ist floor- commercial-office and warehouse space IInd floor- warehouse and technical facilities space Total GBA 5.890m2
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