Sportski klub Radnički Beograd

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2000 Sportski klub Radnički Beograd Beograd, Srbija Glavni projekat konstrukcije, Projektantski nadz

Sport Club Radnicki Belgrade

Sports training hall (handball, volleyball,basketball) total area approx 1.100 m2, Large hall is intended for indoor sports: volleyball, basketball, handball, football and rhythmic gymnastics. Small hall is suitable for all types of martial arts. Halls were developed and equipped according to the latest international standards, which means that “Peki” center meets all the requirements for the maintenance of international competitions, both indoor sports and martial arts. The center has its own 6 x 8 meters stage, which is used for public, cultural and entertainment events. About 2.000 m2 is planned for the gym, a bowling alley, restaurant, bar, sports shops and table tennis. Total GBA approx. 16.000m2
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