SIKA- Tehnološki centar,Cirih, Švajcarska

Svi projekti
Period izgradnje Klijent Lokacija Opis Autor
2004 – 2007 SIKA Schweiz AG Technologiezentrum - Tüffenwies 16-22, 8048-Zürich Workshop drawings of concrete structure Andrea Roost dipl. Architekt BSA, Bern
Walt+Galmarini ETH SIA USIC, Zürich engaged VMS d.o.o. Belgrade under subcontract for structural design services to prepare workshop drawings of concrete structure on this project. VMS engagement was during period 2006-2007. SIKA technology center was designed as administrative building with office space and laboratories. It consists of levels -1,0,1,2,3,4,5 (flat roof) Each level area is 1400m2 Total area is 9.800 m2 Contact person for Walt+Galmarini Mr. Jordan Kusigerski, dipl. Ing. Walt+Galmarini AG– commercial-office and warehouse space dipl. Ing. ETH SIA USIC Drahtzugstrasse 18, 8008 Zürich Tel g +41 43 222 66 66 dir +41 43 222 66 03,
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