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2012-2013 “Forestpeak-I” d.o.o. Kladovo Cadastral Municipality Mala Vrbica, Velika Vrbica, Korbovo, Vajuga, Kostol and Ratkovo in Kladovo Municipality Preliminary and Detail Structural Design Consultancy Services for procurement
“Wind farm Kladovo” includes a system of 18 wind turbines, power substations 20/110 kV and 110 kV and power transmission lines. Electricity generation in the “Wind farm Kladovo” takes place through turbines that use wind power. Wind turbines are designed as typical individual power plants which produce and gather energy to the power substation placed within wind farm area. Wind farm enables production of maximum total power of 54 MW. Main structure element is a steel pole with a height of 92m and blades diameter of 116m. The pole consists of four segments. The lowest segment is 4500mm diameter steel pipe with a wall thickness of 38mm. Foundation structure consists of two centric circular arrays of piles, a total of 45 piles and reinforced bounding concrete beam. Piles of both series are reinforced concrete bored piles d=600 mm. Reinforced concrete beams are circular, cone- shaped, made of concrete class MB40.
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