TIGAR TYRES FACTORY for Production of Rubberized Textiles

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Construction period Client Location Description Author
I phase Aug. 2014– March 2015 Tigar Tyres Pirot- member of Michelin group Pirot, Serbia Detail Structural Design, Author Supervision Tebodin Consultants & Engineers, Serbia
Detail Structural Design of TIGAR Tyres Factory for Production of Rubberized Textiles in Pirot, Serbia Industrial facility for the production of rubberized textiles consists of several mutually dilated constructive wholes whose height ranges from 8 to 43m. Based on the purpose, layout and weight of technological equipment, height etc. the building was divided into office building, production and warehouse facility, facility for accommodation of equipment and daily silos within which there are platforms for mounting mixers and extruders with accessories and an independent structure from the outside of the new factory to accommodate external silos and compressor stations with space for emptying sacks. The structure of the building is concrete frame system with a steel roof structure. Total gross area: 20.000 m2
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