Prizren Dormitory VISOKI DECANI Monastery, Decani, Serbia

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Construction period Client Location Description Author
2010 – 2013 VISOKI DECANI MONASTERY , Decani, Serbia Decani, Serbia Detail design Preparation of tender documents Author supervision Supervision of the works arh. Petar Vidov Djuraskovic, VMS d.o.o. Belgrade
The building was designed in the zone under the protection of UNESCO with the requirements issued by the Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage of Republic of Serbia. The building is multi-storey with a diverse footprint. Authentic materials which have been already used on buildings in the monastery, such as rock, wood and tiles were applied. Building was designed with monastic cells, guest rooms, labor and technical area. Structure of the building was designed as system of RC slabs and columns cast in situ. The total GBA is approx. 3.200 m2
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