NELT Co Business complex Warehouses 3, 4 and technical block Dobanovci, Serbia

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Construction period Client Location Description Author
2008 – 2011 NELT Co Ltd. Dobanovci Serbia Marsala Tita 206, Dobanovci SERBIA Preliminary Structural Design Detailed Structural Design Author supervision Consulting services to the Client on procurement Goran Vojvodic, arch
Two warehouses (No. 3 and 4) and technical block were designed as part of Nelt business complex in Dobanovci near Belgrade, Serbia. Warehouses were designed as single storey three-bay building swith spans 3.0×22.0 m, 126.0 and 150.0 meters long, 12.0m high, with structure made of prestressed RC concrete prefabricated elements. Technical block was designed as two-bay steel structure with dimensions 62x30m. It consists of warehouse, service for vehicles and office section with gallery on +3.5m level. Total height of the building is 9.0m. Total building area: 20.000m2
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