Motorway Novi Sad – Belgrade

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Construction period Client Location Description Author
2004-2013 Europeen Investment Bank & Government of Serbia Belgrade-N. Sad Serbia

Design Check

Supervision of the works

Programme Control

Project management

Scott Wilson Kirkpatrick & Co. Ltd. England, WSP Sweden
The objective of the services provided by our company as a Sub-Consultant on this Project is to assist the Engineer who shall carry out the duties assigned to him in the Contract, and provide a staff, including suitably qualified engineers and other professionals who are competent to carry out any and/or all of these duties in accordance with responsibilities and/or authorities that may be delegated by the Engineer. The works to be supervised by our company comprise of upgrading the M-22 (E-75), highway between Novi Sad and Belgrade to motorway standards by the rehabilitation, repairs and remedial works to the existing carriageway and existing Beska Bridge, provision of a new second carriageway as well as associated slip and service roads, grade separated interchanges, parking areas etc., the provision of toll plazas and facilities and the construction, under a design and build contract, of a new Beska Bridge.
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