Letzi stadion

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Construction period Client Location Description Author
2003 – 2007 City of Zürich , Walt+Galmarini dipl.ing ETH SIA USIC, Zürich Baslerstr. 5 8004 Zürich Workshop drawings for concrete structure Betrix&Consolascio Architekten AG, Erlenbach


New stadium is multifunctional arena built instead of old city stadium (opened on November 22nd, 1925.) for the purpose of European football championship EURO 2008.Overall dimensions of the field together with athletic lanes and other elements are 105x 68m. Stadium has capacity of 30.000 spectators for football or athletic events and 50.000 for concerts. Structure is RC(garage, stands, locker rooms, restaurant, bar etc.). Roof is flat ring which follows the shape of stands, covering area of 22.000m2 and made of steel girders on top of which lighting masts 27.0 m high were placed. There are 31 steel girders, 41.0m long, 3,4m high and their weight is 52t each.

Columns are composite and made of welded steel core placed in concrete. Structure is buried 7m into the ground (over 240.000m3), underground parking with 200 parking places.

Stands partly rest on the ground and partly are cantilevers made of prestressed concrete.

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