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Construction period Client Location Description Author
2016 – on going NELT Co Ltd. Dobanovci Serbia Marsala Tita 206, Dobanovci SERBIA Preliminary Structural Design Detailed Structural Design Project management and Site Supervision Kosana Grkinic, arch

Construction of Baby Food Factory in Dobanovci, Belgrade

Factory has dimensions of 117,39m x 86,64m and has ground floor and one floor above ground. It is divided into three sections: Production facility, technical-power supply block and offices for administration. Factory is intended for total of 300 employees- employees in production, three shifts (3x80employees) + 60 employees in administration and laboratory. Factory is designed in accordance with highest standards in production of baby food including energy efficiency and environmental requests. Facility is designed to produce the following products dry mixtures for child nutrition,fruit, dairy-fruit, vegetables and vegetables and meat puree,muesli,juices for children’s nutrition VMS was engaged under Consultancy contract to provide overall project management services including preparation of structural design for the Project Total gross area: 13.416m2 Client: Nelt Co & FDH, Belgrade, Serbia Value of the Contract: 14.000.000 €
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