Danube clearance project in Novi Sad

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The Scope and Programme of the sub- consultancy agreement with COWI was assistance to the Project Management in liaison with the Yugoslav Authorities and assistance to the Project Manager for the Bridge Debris Clearance for Zezelj and Petrovaradin Bridge during all project phases: Additional investigation, Detailed Project, Tendering, Contracting, and Works Phase. During the Design Phase the specific tasks were: provision of drawings, compiling of initial data and other necessary documentation; preparation of a part of the technical description (existing conditions), preparation of drawings and assistance in provision of Legal Permissions, preparation of technical description and method statement for debris removal and preparation of Bill of quantities. The Danube Clearance Project in Novi Sad consists of 5 Lots: Unexploded Ordnance Clearance Project, Zezelj Bridge Debris Clearance Project, Petrovaradin Bridge Debris Clearance Project, Sloboda Bridge Debris Clearance Project, and Riverbed Rehabilitation Project.
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