Clinical center Niš, Building No. 28a

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2011- 2014 Ministry of health, Republic of Serbia Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 48, Niš, Serbia Detail Structural Design STUDIO ARCH. GIUSEPPE MANNARA & P, MILANO, ITALIA
The building No. 28a is multi-storey building with basement and seven floors above the ground. Its overall dimensions are ~76x55m and approx. 30.0 m high. Technical floor, designed as a light steel structure is the last floor of the building; structure of all the others is cast in place concrete structure. Flat plate on columns and walls are adopted as a structural system. Lateral stability is provided with elevator or stair shafts and additional shear walls in both orthogonal directions. Foundation is concrete slab 60 cm thick. Total GBA is approx. 23.700 m2 Lower Ground Floor: laboratories, pharmacy, central dressing room for employees, technical installation rooms Ground Floor: main entrance hall and shops, Intensive Care Units (ICU) with total of 42 beds of which 4 are isolated , for neurology, gastroenterology and cardiology I-V Floor: 519 hospital beds for departments of general surgery; transplantation; plastic surgery; urology; cardio / vascular / thoracic surgery; neurosurgery; neurology and cardiology; gastroenterology; endocrinology and hematology, medical rooms and conference room. Technical floor: space intended for placement of technical installations in building 28A. Technical block T1 includes space for 2 diesel generator rooms, 4 electric transformer rooms with HV/LV room for the clinical center, a room with pumps for chillers and an open space on which will be located cooling equipment-chillers. Total GBA approx. 850 m2 Technical Block T2 is the station for medical and technical gases (T2) (oxygen, nitrogen, nitrous dioxide and others). It is a fenced area which contains two separate closed spaces (one storey) and an open space.Construction of buildings is RC system with baring walls, designed according to the foreseen equipment, and all fire fighting demands that are needed for this type of building. Total GBA 240 m2
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