Clinical center Niš, Building No. 27

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2011- 2014 Ministry of health, Republic of Serbia Bulevar Zorana Đinđića 48, Niš, Serbia Detail Structural Design for Reconstruction of Building STUDIO ARCH. GIUSEPPE MANNARA & P, MILANO, ITALIA
The building no. 27 consists of three blocks: A, B and C. Block A has a ground floor, a mezzanine and two floors. Block B in the lesser portion has all four levels, while the greater portion has a ground floor, a mezzanine and one storey. Blocks A and B are designed in the IMS prefabricated system with pre-stressed concrete, except the staircase, ramps and elevator shaft, which are poured in place. Block C has only a ground floor, the construction being monolithic – poured in place concrete. One section of Block C has a ramp, either cruciform reinforcement or full slab poured in place. Existing elevator shaft is removed from building. The new arrangement of space and its partial or complete change in use brings with it a change in the intensity and allocation of forces. In addition, the design calls for eliminating the skylight, changing the roof construction in one part of the building (technical floor), installing five new elevators and stairs while eliminating some of the existing ones. All of the above necessitated a detailed investigation of the bearing capacity and viability of elements of the existing construction and the design of new construction elements. It will house most of the technological departments: Lower Ground Floor: Existing radiotherapy Department C.S.S.D. (Central Sterilization Service Department) Imaging / Radiology Department Ground floor: Emergency Centre – 6 beds for Intensive Care First floor: Surgery Blocks with 15 Operating Theatres (one is hybrid and also used for angiography) Second floor: Surgical ICUs with 11 beds for Cardio-Vascular-Thoracic Surgery 12 beds for Neurosurgery 7 beds for Urology & Orthopaedics Surgery 8 beds for General Surgery. Total GBA: approx. 15.300m2
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