VMS Organized SHM Event

In July 2017 our company organized an event at the Faculty of Civil Engineering on the following subject:
Structural Health Monitoring – using sensors for preventing maintenance and infrastructures monitoring

At this event, the representatives of VMS doo Belgrade and the Dean of the Faculty of Civil Engineering addressed the audience as hosts, as well as Branko Glišić from the university of Prinston and speakers from companies Smartec (Switzerland) and Roctest (Canada), that are represented by VMS doo Belgrade on the local market.

This event was an excellent opportunity to hear about the latest trends in Structural Health Monitoring and to share practical experience of implementation of the latest systems of optical sensors, instrumentation and analytical software on infrastructures such as bridges, tunnels or high rise buildings.
Below you can find event content and agenda:
Faculty for Civil Engineering,
Structural Health Monitoring for: Bridges, Tunnels and Structures

• Dean Prof. PhD Branko Božić, Belgrade University – Faculty of Civil Engineering – Welcome note
• Nikola Matić, VMS;  Radomir Radičević, Mostprojekt – Welcome & Key Note
• Branko Glisic, Princeton University, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering – Introduction to Structural Health Monitoring: Basic notions and examples
• Ivan Cottone, Smartec – Fiber Optic Sensors – Benefits, Implementation
• Rene Deblois, Roctest – Geotechnical and Structural Instruments and Application
• Milena Matic, VMS – Digitalization & Internet of Things (IoT) in Construction Industry
• Discussion, Demo of Sensors